Leading the design of Rydoo's mobile app, end-to-end.


Rydoo is a company that helps business travelers manage their expenses and travel arrangements. Rydoo offers front-office features such as on-the-go expense submission, trip booking, and expense approval, while also providing back-office tools to finance departments to stay on top of the company's expenses and reimburse employees as quickly as possible.

We had noticed that the Rydoo app had some issues with performance, including being slow, buggy, and crashing frequently. These problems were understandably causing frustration among our users and negatively affecting our ratings in the App Store and Play Store. We knew we needed to take action to make the app more reliable and user-friendly. After careful consideration, we chose to go with Flutter - a technology that offers better performance, flexibility, and speed.

With that decision made, we set out to improve the app by gathering feedback from our users and colleagues. Our goal was to make small tweaks that would make a big impact on user experience, while keeping the familiar interface our users loved.

We put a lot of effort into refining the details to ensure users felt confident and in control when using the app. Our approach was to make the new app a continuation of the work we had done in the past, with a focus on evolution rather than revolution.

And our hard work paid off! The redesigned app was enthusiastically received by Rydoo users, who appreciated the improved performance and design changes. We were proud to have achieved a 4.8-star rating in both the Apple Store and Google Play ratings, making Rydoo the leading app in its category!

Kudos to the team!


Worked Mar 2018- Dec 2021