Design for proactive multi-modal Human-Machine Interfaces


Good interaction design is about understanding the context of each user scenario and presenting to the user the most useful options. This is what we tried to do within ASTUTE – a consortium project  of 25 partners in seven countries – exploring proactive multi-modal Human-Machine Interface.

As a UX designer for this project I worked on two proofs of concept; one in the area of emergency dispatching and one in the area of manufacturing process management. For the emergency dispatching concept, the focus was on a system for fire brigades during an emergency response situation.

When I started working on the project, my colleagues had already done intensive field studies, developed user scenarios, personas, and a storyboard illustrating user interactions with the technology. I worked on the prototypes for the emergency dispatching team and the manufacturing process management.  While at the same time, I worked on identifying design patterns, that could be applied in other domains.



Worked in 2012