Selected work

  • Radio is magical and dead-simple. At the touch of a button one can listen to her favourite radio station. How cool is that? However, the rise of online music streaming services is challenging radio stations to rediscover themselves… read more

  • What happens right after sign-up makes or breaks any web product. This is why, Proxyclick asked us how might we increase the likelihood that new users will successfully adopt their product… read more

  • SMart provides professionals across Europe with services that simplify contract drafting and business management… read more

  • Sony introduced a new visual language for its marketing pages, and we had to go through a total overhaul of the e-commerce experience, adapting the new designs… read more

  • Kamworks is a Dutch company, based in Camdodia, specializing on solar powered solutions. Kamworks asked us (a team of four Product Design Students at TUDelft) to design a solar-powered lantern to serve the 70+ percent of Cambodians that have no access to the power grid… read more

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