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Hi, I'm Loucas Papantoniou, aka loucaspapa.
I am a UX designer; not a rockstar, a unicorn, a ninja or a magician. Design is for me the process of making sense of complex stuff that I don't understand.

There is too much clutter and bullshit in the world, so lets avoid littering it with more by designing meaningful products and experiences.

Feel free to get in touch, add me in your Linkedin network, follow me on Twitter,or have a look at my bookshelf.

A selection of projects I'm proud to have worked on.

Vaio lineup filter
EVS LSM Connect
Content Model
Family Tree

User Experience designer (UX), making people's lives easier by designing meaningful products and services. My role is multifaceted, requiring a broad set of skills, techniques and knowledge around:

  • Finding out what users do, need and want (User Research),
  • Making sure the content is always relevant to them (Content Strategy),
  • Making sure people can find what they want easily (Information Architecture)
  • Helping users move around their application easily (Interaction Design),
  • Making sure the application is aesthetically pleasing (Visual Design),
  • Making sure that it all hasn't been foiled by something that has been overlooked (Usability).


  • Human Centered Design: User Research, Usability, Personas, Scenarios, Facilitation, Mental Models, Customer Journey, Task Analysis, Wireframes, Prototyping
  • Axure for drawing flows, wireframes and building prototypes
  • Adobe Suite and Sketch for visual design
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge (this portfolio was built with Bootstrap)
  • Greek (mother-tongue), English (proficient) Dutch (advanced), German (advanced, but rusty), Spanish (basic)


User Experience Designer - Namahn

October 2011 - Present | Brussels

Provided user experience and usability consulting for a number of clients. The process included the full user experience, including user research, personas, scenarios, mental models, customer journeys, wireframes, prototyping in Axure, and usability tests. Among the projects I worked for were: E-commerce UX for Sony, Content Strategy for the European Council, Interaction design for EVS, a leader in broadcasting equipment

Online Product Marketeer - Usabilla

March 2011 - October 2011 | Amsterdam

Online product marketeer for Usabilla, a startup specializing on online user feedback. Consumer insights, UX and usability analyst. SEO, CRM

Digital Running Services Coordinator - ASICS

December 2010 - March 2011 | Amsterdam

Localization and co-ordination of the web teams, while My ASICS was launching in 10 countries, integrating consumer insights in the UX.

Design Researcher, graduate intern - Stichting de Witte Roos

February 2009 - December 2009 | Delft

Explored energy conservation in the domestic context. Design of an innovative concept, the EnergyMentor. Published paper at ERSCP conference. Consumer insights, Ethnography, User-Centred Design.

Strategic Design, intern - Kamworks

February 2008 - June 2008 | Cambodia

Designed and developed a solar powered LED lantern 'The Moonlight' for rural Cambodia. The Moonlight gained two design awards and is available in the Cambodian market. Ethnography, Co-creation, Brand and Design Strategy.

MSc., Strategic Product Design - Delft University of Technology

February 2007 - December 2009 | Delft

The master of Strategic Product Design approaches design from an holistic and multi-disciplinary point of view capturing all aspects of a product's requirements (consumer needs, marketing and business plans, design language, brand identity etc.), choosing a strategic product direction and translating into proposals for product concepts.

Diploma, Production Engineering and Management - Technical University of Crete

September 2000 - September 2006 | Crete

A five-year undergraduate program on Production Engineering and Management, or else Industrial Engineering, dealing with the design, optimization and management of complex engineering systems. Dissertation thesis on the 'Development of an Ecodesign Methodology; exploring the ways to integrate Ecodesign in the product development.


I have had the luck to work with great people, and do some great work together, winning so far three design awards: